I get asked this question a lot!! Can you mix metal finishes in design The answer is an astounding yes! Not only does it give you a more curated look, rather than a look from a catalog, but it really makes your house show your individuality.  It also helps when you are renovating an old space and there is no way you are going to match certain fixtures from yester- year that you may want to still keep.

A couple of quick rules to think about :

  1. Know the options of metals that are out there.  Chrome, polished nickel, brushed nickel, copper, aged brass, matte black…the list goes on.
  2. Make an inspiration board for yourself. I love the ease of using Pinterest for this. Pin the photos that speak to you. You will begin to see a pattern. Some of my favorite formulas are Copper and polished nickel, matte black and copper, matte black and brushed nickel.
  3. Stick with one type of metal per piece. For ex. if your vanity has brushed nickel faucets, go for brushed Nickel handles, but maybe go for black mirrors and brass sconces. Just be intentional.
  4. Have fun! Design is suppose to be fun. Don’t stress about it!

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